As healthcare, caregivers, educators and mental health professionals we speak about the importance of self-care to others but often fail to follow our own advice.
It’s time to make time to gather in a supportive, interactive and relaxed environment to begin the conversation about the demands of our work and the negative effects on our well-being. 
Restore your yourself through self-awareness and the  practice of self-care

To promote a presence in the Portland Metro area for professionals in the caregiving field through workshops on managing compassion fatigue symptoms and developing resiliency.

To encourage professionals to gather for support.

To collaborate with local practitioners who offer compassion fatigue presentation or treatment and develop a network of care.

With experience, training, and certified as a Compassion Fatigue Professional, Katherina Alexandre brings to mental health and healthcare providers tools and knowledge to maximize staying power in the helping profession.
These  workshops offer an opportunity to begin or continue the conversation about the emotional and physical cost of helping others who hurt. We learn that compassion fatigue is normal and that with support, knowledge and a self-care plan we can perform our best when we help others.